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Catacombs of Karak

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What is a group of adventurers to do when they come upon a crumbling castle and rumors of ancient treasure hidden deep below? Well, obviously, they've got to dive inside and see what dangers about to be uncovered! This adventure is bound to be fun for the whole family, so gather up your heroes, young and old, and see who can recover the most treasure of all! 


Karak has 2-5 players playing through a set of simple rules in an effort to get as much treasure as they can carry. Each player chooses one of the six characters, each of whom has a special power. Taking turns, you'll all explore the labyrinth under Karak by picking random tiles that create a map of the mysterious catacombs where you'll encounter various things all depicted with lovely art. Will you find a trap that you must overcome? A monster that needs defeating? Perhaps a lucky treasure chest just waiting to bestow its riches!? Gain additional power as you play and decide if you've got the guts to challenge the biggest (and most rewarding) monsters in the dungeon. 


Are you looking for that quick-and-easy board game to introduce the youngins (or the oldies) to a dungeon delve? Well, this is the perfect kind of game to test your mettle and bring home the gold!