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X Marks the Spot - Cheap Tuesdays

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X Marks the Spot 

Your father, the world-renowned Professor Alan C. Mann of rare antiquities or as his students would call him PAC Mann has gone missing! After several days of worrying and no signs of his whereabouts, you decide to go to his office, that last place you haven’t checked. When you arrive his assistant informs you a call came in:
If you ever want to see your father alive again, since it would seem that he is refusing to cooperate with us, you and your siblings must retrieve the lost treasure of The Cursed Ghost Island! We know he’s discovered the treasure recently and he's absolutely aware of the intense power in yielding such a treasure. So we hope you appreciate the gravity of the situation and that we have grown tiresome of his stubbornness and we shall not be tested anymore. We suspect that you don’t wish to have anything happen to your father, so to prove just how serious we are you have but 1 hour to find the treasure that is hidden in his office or he dies!  

With time ticking away it is up to you to use your father's cryptic clues to solve the puzzles that will help find the lost treasure of Ghost Island that's locked away. Can you find the treasure in time?


Difficulty Level: Medium to Hard 

Max Capacity: 6 

Time: 60 mins

Please arrive 15 minutes before your reservation