About Us

Hey everyone, we’re Max and Casey and one day not too long ago we came up with the crazy idea of opening a store but not just one kind of store but three stores in one! We decided to open up a CANDY STORE, a BOARD GAME CAFE  and three ESCAPE ROOMS all in one place. We are a little crazy and a lot weird and we think that’s what’s needed to make this dream come true. We are starting out small and hoping to grow quickly to bring you the kind of store we envisioned, to have the coolest place to hang out.  

If you’re unaware Maxine is a speed puzzler and holds the world record to complete the Ravensburger 40320 piece puzzle. She completed the puzzle in just under 150 hours over the course of 9 days. Casey, as you may or may not know, invented the world-renowned sport of underwater plate spinning. Maxine has a Master’s degree in stubbornness and Casey a Doctorate in napping. Both are well versed in the culinary skill of pizza pockets and have spent numerous hours researching content on Netflix. Together with their uncanny ability to make nonsense and chaos a wonderful thing they hope you will enjoy what they set out to create a one-stop fun shop.